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My name is on the internet, therefore, I am famous

February 28, 2012

Have you ever thought seeing the name of Sarah Geronimo at online Supreme Court decisions being accused and convicted of drug pushing ? How about KC Concepcion, accused and convicted of killing another person? It would be very shocking and at the same time, their images would be forever ruined by these things.

Just a thought: If this would happen to me, can I ask the Supreme Court a favor to have my name removed from their decisions and have it not published,especially on websites that publish Supreme Court decisions?

I never thought of myself being on newspapers telling about the details of the decision about a rape case filed against me. It would be very disgraceful and shameful. Especially when all the peoplewho will read it will also learn that I am a son of a church pastor and an elementary teacher which is at the same time a church worker.

I wish I could ask the Supreme Court to have my name striken out from their decision but that will only be a forever wish because of the following reasons:

First. I know that decisions of courts form part of the law of the land as what Article 8 of the Civil Code says. Article 8 provides:

Judicial decisions applying or interpreting the laws or the Constitution shall form a part of the legal system of the Philippines.

A convicted person’s  name becomes a part of the decision and it logically follows that it should also be published,

Having a convicted person’s name not written on the a decision will deprive the public of the truth pertaining to a person’s being.

Second. My name being on the decision serves as a warning to the public that I am dangerous. That I committed something against the law, and that the Supreme Court was convinced that the information filed against me is true.

Third. It is one of the unwritten consequences of the wrong done by that convicted person. An unwritten rule which maybe the highest toll that he has to pay.

Lesson: Think before you act.


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